Django editlive documentation

Author:Maxime Haineault <>
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Generated:Sep 27, 2017
License:Open source, BSD license

Everything you need to know about Django editlive.

Django editlive is a Free Open Source project which aims to make it easy to make elegant inline editable fields from database objects.

Here’s a simple example:

{% load editlive_tags %}

{% editlive "request.user.first_name" as firstname %}
Hello {{ firstname }}, how are you ?

This would output something like Hello [John], how are you ?.


The name [John] would be a clickable span element called the “placeholder”.


When the placeholder is clicked, it’s replaced by an input field and when this field is blurred, it is automatically saved to the database with AJAX. To cancel an edit you must use the escape key.

Adaptors are special classes which are used to abstract the different fields types and interact with them. Learn more about it below: